Job Details:
  • SE3 and SW3
  • FSP required, No CCA
  • NBP 324

Description: Seeking a Lead System Engineer that can also provide software development of solutions to perform next generation of high-speed network security, leveraging LookingGlass proprietary inline packet processing devices. Will lead development activities and an additional developer and will also develop solutions based on customer/project requirements.
Desired experience:

– Leading software development projects
– Development in C, packetC, RAVE
– Experience in lower level languages (e.g., assembly, VHDL, Verilog, etc.)
– Development in high level and low level programming languages and understanding of the synthesis between hardware and software in specific network processing environments
– Network/socket programming, and a strong understanding of the setup and tear down of sockets in windows and *nix environments
– Computer networking and protocol analysis (e.g. Wireshark, tcpdump)
– Computer algorithms and data structures
– Software development life-cycle (design, develop, implementation, debug, testing)
– Working with LookingGlass CloudShield CS4000 and CS4000E network processing or equivalent systems including those leveraging Intel Interlaken and Netronome IXP compatible NPUs.
Degree in computer science or applicable degree according to VS2 LCATs

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